Smoked Fish


YIELDS 1 Serving



 Brown Sugar


 Black Pepper

 Fresh Lime Juice

 Fresh Coriander



Gut and clean fish, remove all scales. Cut the fish in half, or fillet the fish, in either case, it is important to ensure the skin is left on the fish. Wash and clean prepared fish and completely dry. Place the fish skin side down in a deep tray and squeeze a little fresh lime juice over the flesh. Break 2-3 stems of fresh coriander into large pieces and lay across the flesh, ( this is optional), you may choose to use a different herb or a little chili depending on the taste required, and the fish you are smoking. Lightly sprinkle salt over the flesh, shaved sea salt is ideal however any salt can be used. Sprinkle a very small amount of lightly ground pepper over flesh. Sprinkle a generous amount of brown sugar over the flesh and press down lightly. Cover the tray with glad wrap and refrigerate overnight or at least for 4-5 hours Remove from tray, drain off excess liquid, place skin side down in the prepared smoker Smoke gently until fish is tender and cooked Remove fish from the smoker, leave on the smoking tray to cool. Remove flesh from skin, discard any bones, use as required This is lovely flaked into large pieces and tossed through a nice green salad Remember additional flavours can be added or adjusted as to individual taste requirements Smoking Tips Place tin foil in the bottom of the smoking tray, then add wood shavings, and the smoker is a lot easier to clean, just discard tin foil. Do not have smoker running too hot as the smoke may become bitter and sharp. A little fresh herb, chili, or citrus skin may be placed in with the wood shavings when smoking to achieve additional flavour. It is an advantage to leave the skin on the fish, smoke the fish skin side down, do not attempt to turn the fish whilst smoking. If you are leaving the fish on the smoking tray to cool, move the fish around on the tray a couple of times to






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